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Limitation & notice Periods

  • In most cases, in Ontario, the basic limitation period is 2 years. That is, a claimant has up to 2 years from the day their claim is discovered to have a Statement of Claim issued in Ontario courts.
  • That said, there are much shorter notice periods that may be critical to the success of your law suit.
  • Don’t delay in reaching out to discuss the circumstances of your potential claim. The more you know, and the earlier you know it, the better prepared you will be to protect your rights, should a law suit become necessary.
  • Many different laws, regulations and procedures govern the issuing of a Statement of Claim or commencement of an action in Ontario.
  • Complying with relevant limitation and notice periods is critical to your ability to successfully claim against an at-fault party.  For the most part, a lawsuit issued after the expiration of a limitation period has passed will be dismissed.